Subgenus Australodrepa Lapouge, 1929

Subgenus Australodrepa Lapouge, 1929: 8 (type: timorense Chaudoir, 1869)

The species of the subgenus Australodrepa belong to the Calosoma that have the ligula of the endophallus not sclerified ("Calosomes lobés" group of Jeannel, 1940), and in this group are furthermore characterized by smooth metaepisternum.
In all species of the group, that is composed by the subgenus Australodrepa, Calodrepa, Calosoma, invariably, the sculpture of the elytra is characterized by 16 intervals on each of them; that means having a single tertiary interval on the sides of a secondary one ("triploïde" type). Also all the intervals are always distinctly separated by the striae and have the same height and width ("homodyname" type of Jeannel).
The subgenus Australodrepa includes two species (or perhaps three species) easily distinguishable even to color: schayeri of South Australia and Tasmania and oceanicum of northern Australia and of the archipelagos of Nouvelle-Calédonie, Lesser Sunda and South eastern Moluccans. In addition to these two specie Mandl (1954) described as a species C. (Calosoma) cyaneoventre on single female specimen of uncertain provenance, apparently non too far from schayeri and for which it is necessary a confirmation.

Calosoma (Australodrepa) oceanicum Perroud & Montrouzier, 1864
Calosoma (Australodrepa) oceanicum subsp. oceanicum Perroud & Montrouzier, 1864
Calosoma (Australodrepa) oceanicum subsp. klynstrai Breuning, 1927
Calosoma (Australodrepa) schayeri Erichson, 1842