Calosoma (Callisthenes) fischeri (Fischer von Waldheim, 1842)

Callisthenes Fischeri Fischer von Waldheim, 1842: 271 (described from: "confins de la Chine"), type material: unspecified number of specimens, no repository given.
Calosoma (Callisthenes) fischeri Breuning, 1928: 74
Callisthenes elegans fischeri Lapouge, 1932: 376
Callisthenes fischeri Jeannel, 1940: 190

Length 17-21 mm. C. fischeri is easily spotted among the other species of Callisthenes because its pronotum has the front sides considerably projecting in relation to the head. Moreover, it is an unique species because of its vibrant colours, not present in other species of the subgenus.
It spreads into Centre and South-West of Mongolia.

Examined specimens and literature’s data
Mongolia. Bajanhongor aimak: 50km E Shinejinst (Mandl, 1969: 2), Orog nuur, Böön Tsagaan nuur (Obidov, 2002: 92); Dornogovi aimak: Ikh Nart NR. (; Dundgovi aimak: Baga Gazryn Chouluu mts. (SB), Delger Khangai (Mandl, 1969: 2); Govi-Altai aimak: 2km NW Biger (Mandl, 1968: 282), Bugat vill (SB), sum Delger (SB), Taigan env (; Omnogovi aimak: Gurban-Saykhan (EM). Nojon Nuruu Mt, border post of Ovot Chuural, 1500 m,. (Mandl, 1969: 2)

Notes: Brachypterous. It lives around 1500-1900m. altitude. All the examined specimens were collected in June, but adults seem to be active from May to August according to the data cited in literature (Obydov, 2002: 92).
Johann Gotthelf Fischer von Waldheim (1771-1853) was born and studied in Germany and later became director of the Natural History Museum at the Moscow University, and founder of the Société Impériale des Naturalistes de Moscou. He gave in its publication of 1842 a schematic description of this species, of which he attributed the authorship to Édouard Ménétries (1802-1861), another important entomologist of French origin. However, Ménétries formalized his description only the following year (1843: 347), so the species is named in honor of Fisher although he also appears as its author.

Calosoma (Callisthenes) fischeri
(Fischer von Waldheim, 1842)
Govi-Altai aimak, 20km. S. of sum Delger
1480m., expd. Z Kasab, 9.VI.1967
Calosoma (Callisthenes) fischeri
(Fischer von Waldheim, 1842)
Dundgovi aimak, Baga Gazrint Chouluu mts.,
1600m., 10.VI.2003, Anichtchenko lgt.

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