Subgenus Calodrepa Motschulsky, 1865

Calodrepa Motschulsky, 1865: 310 (type scrutator Fabricius, 1775)

The species of the subgenus Calodrepa belong to the Calosoma that have the ligula of the endophallus not sclerified ("Calosomes lobés" group of Jeannel, 1940).
The subgenus Calodrepa includes the species of the group that have metaepisternum with sparse and deep punctuation. In all species the sculpture of the elytron is characterized by 16 intervals ("triploïde" type), that are distinctly separated by the striae and have the same height and width ("homodyname" type of Jeannel).
Except one species, wilcoxi, the male's mesotibiae are strongly arcuated, with a brush of red hair on the internal side of apex.
The subgenus includes four species of this are widespread in North America, Mexico and in the Antilles.

Calosoma (Calodrepa) aurocinctum Chaudoir, 1850
Calosoma (Calodrepa) scrutator (Fabricius, 1775)
Calosoma (Calodrepa) splendidum Dejean, 1831
Calosoma (Calodrepa) wilcoxi LeConte, 1848