Calosoma (Calopachys) omiltemium (Bates, 1891)

Calopachys omiltemium Bates, 1891: 226, pl. XIII fig. 1 (type locality: Omilteme in Guerrero); type material: unspecified number of specimens comprising both sexes, repository not stated; syntypes in British Museum of Natural History, London (Roeschke, 1900: 63); lectotype: 1♀ in Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris (Deuve, 1978: 254) [examined]; paralectotypes 2♀♀ in Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin (Korell & Frisch, 2004: 53)
Calosoma (Blaptosoma) omiltemium Breuning, 1928: 55
Blaptosoma (Eutelodontum) blaptoides omiltemium Lapouge, 1929-32: 391
Calopachys omiltemium Jeannel, 1940: 235
Calosoma (Calopachys) omiltemium Gidaspow, 1959: 299
Calosoma (Calopachys) bohnei Korell & Frisch, 2004: 51 (type locality: Puerto del Gallo); holotype ♂ in Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin
Calopachys bohnei Erwin, 2007: 84
Calopachys omiltemium Erwin, 2007: 84

Length 18-20 mm. It is known of only two places: Omilteme and the Sierra de Atoyac (Puerto del Gallo). Both places are in the Sierra Madre do Sur in the state of Guerrero.
The specimens of Sierra de Atoyac have received the name of Calosoma (Calopachys) bohnei (Korell & Frisch, 2004). Elytral sculpture is on average more irregular, than in specimens from the type locality, the pronotum is slightly more narrowed in the rear and the shape is in general more elongated.
It could be a population slightly different because of the body shape and sculpture of elytra but Erwin (2007: 84), even assuming an altitudinal separation, reported that both forms were found at Omilteme.

Examined specimens and literature’s data
Mexico. Guerrero: Omilteme 8000ft.(lectotype, MNHN), Omilteme 2000m (EM, SB), S. de Mochitlan (Korell & Frisch, 2004: 53), Sierra de Atoyac (sub C. bohnei Korell & Frisch, 2004: 51)

Notes: Brachypterous. It lives in forestal areas, sometime along the beds of small creek, on medium altitude around 2000-2500m. It is nocturnal and it has been observed climbing trees (Ball, in litteris). In daytime, it seeks shelter under stones or leaf litter. Adults were collected in July and August.

Calosoma (Calopachys) omiltemium
(Bates, 1891)
Guerrero: Omilteme 8000ft.(lectotype)
(Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris)
Calosoma (Calopachys) omiltemium
(Bates, 1891)
Guerrero: Omilteme, 13km W Chilpancingo de los Bravos,
m 2000, 20.VII.1987, Bruschi leg.
Calosoma (Calopachys) omiltemium
(Bates, 1891)
Guerrero: Omilteme, 13km W Chilpancingo de los Bravos,
m 2000, 20.VII.1987, Migliaccio leg. (coll. Migliaccio)

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