Calosoma (Calopachys) viridissimum Haury, 1880

Calosoma (Calopachys) viridissimum Haury, 1880: 164 (described from: Mexique ?); holotype ♀ designated by Deuve (1978: 252) by monotypy in Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris [examined]
Calosoma (Blaptosoma) viridissimum, Breuning, 1928: 58
Callitropa (Carabosoma) angulatum viridissimum, Lapouge, 1932: 386
Calopachys viridissimum, Jeannel, 1940: 233
Calosoma (Calopachys) viridissimum, Gidaspow, 1959: 299
Calopachys viridissimum, Erwin, 2007: 84
Calopachys viridissimum georgeballi Lassalle & van den Berghe, 2010: 112 (type locality: env. Oaxaca); holotype ♂ in coll. Lassalle, 19 paratypes in coll. Ball, Echaroux, Lassalle and van den Berghe

Length 21-25 mm. It was described (Haury, 1880: 165) in a single female specimen supposedly coming from Mexico. Gehin (1885: XXXIV) advanced the hypothesis that it lived in the interior of Mexico or in the Antilles. Later Breuning (1928: 58) reported Roeschke's opinion that the species had been found at San Felipe in the state of Coahuila in Mexico. Afterwards nothing more was known and the species was not found again for more than a century until a further female specimen was found in the southern Sierra Madre do Sur (10 km .... NW Oaxaca), in oak forests (Erwin, 2007: 84).
Recently, some specimens of both sexes were found in the mountainous areas near Oaxaca. These specimens, that markedly differ in color from those previously known, have been described as Calopachys viridissimum georgeballi (Lassalle & van den Berghe, 2010: 112).

Examined specimens and literature’s data
Mexico. Mexique (type, MNHN); Oaxaca, 10 km NW Oaxaca (Erwin, 2007: 84); env. Oaxaca (paratype of Calopachys viridissimum georgeballi) (SB)

Notes: Brachypterous. It lives in oak forests and seems to be active in daytime too. Adults were collected in August and September.

Calosoma (Calopachys) viridissimum
Haury, 1880
Mexique interieur (type of Calopachys viridissimum)
(coll. Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris)

Calosoma (Calopachys) viridissimum
Haury, 1880
(type of Calopachys viridissimum georgeballi)
photo Lassalle in: Lassalle B. & van den Berghe E., (2010), "Sur quelques Calosomes du Mexique (Coleoptera Carabidae)",
Le Coléoptériste, 13, 2: 111-114

last review May 16 2019