Calosoma (Camedula) glabratum Dejean, 1831

Calosoma glabratum Dejean, 1831: 565 (type locality: Colombia); lectotype ♂ designated by Deuve (1978: 247) in Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris [examined]
Calosoma glabratum var. Bolivianum Géhin, 1885: 65, note 67 (type locality: Bolivia); holotype by monotypy ♂ designated by Deuve (1978: 253) in Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris [examined]
Calosoma (Carabosoma) glabratum Breuning, 1927: 103
Calosoma (Carabosoma) glabratum var. bolivianum Breuning, 1927: 103
Callitropa (Acamegonia) glabrata Lapouge, 1932: 388
Callitropa (Acamegonia) glabrata boliviana Lapouge, 1932: 388
Camedula (Camedula) glabratum Jeannel, 1940: 204
Calosoma (Camedula) glabratum Gidaspow, 1963: 280
Calosoma (Carabomimus) bolivianum Erwin, 2007: 89
Calosoma (Carabosoma) glabratum Erwin, 2007: 94

Length 20-25 mm. C. glabratum, as happen with C. peregrinator and C. sponsa, is characterized by the presence of setae on the metatrochanters. Moreover, it is easy to differentiate because it is a relatively small species with smooth and shiny elytra, with slight striae, and with rather transverse pronotum.
C. glabratum lives in Panama and Colombia. It is also supposed living in Bolivia, but besides the description of the type of Calosoma bolivianum, no other findings are known from there. To these countries Jeannel (1940: 204) added Peru, followed by subsequent authors (Erwin et al., 2015: 154), but without further specification. Finally, some remains of C. glabratum have been found in a deposit of oil bearing sand in Trinidad, at Fyzabad (Blair, 1927: 137) but no recent findings have been reported from the island or from the Venezuelan mainland.

Examined specimens and literature’s data
Bolivia. (type Calosoma bolivianum, MNHN)
Colombia. (type Calosoma glabratum, MNHN); dep. Antiquia (SB); dep. Cundinamarca: Bogotá (NMP, SB), Pandi (Breuning, 1928a: 105)
Panama. distr. Barù: Chiriqui (EM, SB)

Notes: Winged. It lives on grassland and cultivated field from midlands at 700m. up to an altitude of 2600m. Adults have been found in May (Erwin, 2007: 94).

Calosoma (Camedula) glabratum
Dejean, 1831
Colombia: Antiquia, (coll. Le Moult)
Calosoma (Camedula) glabratum
Dejean, 1831
Panama: Chirique
Calosoma (Camedula) glabratum
Dejean, 1831
Colombie (lectotype)
(coll. Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris)
Calosoma (Camedula) glabratum
Dejean, 1831
Bolivia (holotype of Calosoma glabratum var. bolivianum Géhin, 1885)
(coll. Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris)

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