Calosoma (Carabomimus) enigmaticum Lassalle & van den Berghe, 2013

Calosoma (Carabomimus) enigmaticus Lassalle & van den Berghe, 2013: 166 (type locality: nord de Guadalajara), holotype ♂ in coll. Lassalle, paratypes 2♀♀ in coll. Lassalle and in coll. van den Berghe

Length 23-25 mm. C. (Carabomimus) enigmaticum is characterized by a transverse pronotum, slightly enlarged behind with round hind angles. elongated elytra, flat, almost obliterated, elytral sculpture, with shining small foveae on the primary intervals and just an hint of raised ribs corresponding to the secondary and tertiary intervals. The upperside of the body is shining black, showing some greenish metallic lustre.
Not knowing directly this taxon we believe better to conclude with the words of the authors: “Aedeagus with a long ligula. The appearance of this insect is that of a Blaptosoma but the form of the ligula of the aedeagus requires to include it in Carabomimus.” (Lassalle & van den Berghe, 2013: 166)

Examined specimens
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Notes: Brachypterous. one male and two females are known. C. (Carabomimus) enigmaticum lives in the Mexican plateau at medium altitude in the same area of C. (Callitropa) viridisulcatum and C. (Callitropa) anthracinum barksdalei. The authors suggested doubtfully that this new species could be an hybrid between C. (Carabomimus) digueti and C. (Callitropa) viridisulcatum.

Calosoma (Carabomimus) enigmaticum
Lassalle & van den Berghe, 2013
holotype: nord de Guadalajara, coll. Lassalle
Lassalle & van den Berghe, 2013: 165, pl. 5
last review April 21 2019