Calosoma (Carabomorphus) brachycerum (Gerstaeker 1884)

Carabus brachycerus Gerstaeker 1883: 43 (type locality: Kilimandjaro); type material: 1 ♀ in Museum für Naturkunde Humboldt Universität, Berlin (Jeannel, 1940: 153)
Carabomorphus brachycerus Kolbe 1895: 57
Carabomorphus Katonae Csiki 1907: 98 (type locality: Arusha-Ju); type material: 2 ♀ in Magyar Természettudományi Múzeum, Budapest
Calosoma (Carabomorphus) brachycerum Breuning, 1928: 134
Carabomorphus brachycerus Jeannel, 1940: 153

Length 22-28 mm. The sculpture of the elytron of brachycerum has all the 15 intervals of the same width and height (sculpture "homodyname" of Jeannel), extending over the entire surface including the basal pedicle. The striae are conspicuously dotted. Sometime the primary intervals are segmented in tubercles but only in the apical part of the elytron. Head and pronotum are black and the elytra are reddish. The inner armature of the penis has an elongated ligule ending in a sort of flattened beak.
It is found on meadows, savannas and tilled fields, in mount Kilimanjaro and in the mount Meru, 70 km east of mount Kilimanjaro, between 1500m and 3600m (Basilewsky, 1962: 72). The presence of the species in the two mountains separated by dry savanna, is difficult to explain in biogeographical terms, and could suggest some sort of bridge in recent colder times (Brühl 1977: 238).

Examined specimens and literature’s data
Tanzania. Arusha env. (SB); 105 km W of Arusha and 5 km S of Kwa Kuchinga vill. (; Mt Meru. (SB); Mt Meru, western slope, Oikokola 2650 m (EM); Kilimanjaro, South slope, Marangu route 2000 m (EM).

Notes: Wingless. C. brachycerum has been listed among the possible predators of the parasite Gonocephalus simplex (Coleoptera Tenebrionidae) in Kenyan coffee farms (Waller & al. 2007: 155). Catches are reported from December to February and in June and July, respectively before and after the long rains.
The larva was described by Raynaud (1965: 131)

Calosoma (Carabomorphus) brachycerum
(Gerstaeker 1884)
Tanzania: (Tanzania bor.), Arusha env., 1-7.I.1995, Smrž lgt.
Calosoma (Carabomorphus) brachycerum
(Gerstaeker 1884)
Tanzania: (Tanzania bor.), Arusha env., 1-7.I.1995, Smrž lgt.
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