Calosoma (Castrida) peruviense Mandl, 1971

Calosoma (Castrida) peruviensis Mandl, 1971: 40 (type locality: Peru, Prov.Jauja, Satipo); holotype ♂ and paratype ♀ in Naturhistorischen Museum Basel [examined]
Calosoma (Castrida) peruviense Erwin, 1991: 101

Length 24-28 mm. The pronotum of C. peruviense has sinuate sides, and its hind angles are rounded and obtuse, and they extend backward. The surface of the pronotum is deeply punctuated but not wrinkled. The elytral sculpture has barely recognizable punctures on the striae and markedly scaly intervals. The metatrochanter is rounded.
The upper body is a dark blue and the under body as well as the legs are black. The middle tibiae are arcuated, most conspicuously those of males in which also the hind ones are slightly so.
Mandl (1971: 40) in the original description compares it to C. granatense which has the same color, but from which it can be easily distinguished by many other characteristics including body shape, size, sculpture of the elytra and the presence of serration on margin of the elytra. It could be confused with some of the darker specimens of C. retusum, where the bluish reflections are more evident, but it is easy to avoid the confusion comparing the the shapes of pronotum and observing that C. retusum has the striae with deep dots, as well as the pronotum slightly wrinkled and with sparse and shallow punctures only.
C. peruviense has been described from central Peru: Satipo (dept. Junin), but most probably it is present in the whole Perù from the sea level up to medium altitude. It has been found in the northern regions (dept. Amazonas) and has been captured in the department of Ica (Pisco, coll. E. Migliaccio). It is also possible that refers to C. peruviense, the old quotation (Breuning, 1927: 202) concerning specimens of C. granatense from Callao existing in the Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin.

Examined specimens
Peru. Jauja: Satipo (type, NMB); Ica: Pisco (EM); Amazonas: Montenegro (SB)

Notes: Winged, attracted to light at night. The examined specimens were found in February, in the middle of the raining season.

Calosoma (Castrida) peruviense
Mandl, 1971
Peru, Prov.Jauja, Satipo. 1938-39, H.Meskendahl
(Holotypus, coll. Naturhistorischen Museum Basel)
Calosoma (Castrida) peruviense
Mandl, 1971
Peru, Prov.Jauja, Satipo, 1938-39, coll.Meskendahl
(Allotypus, coll. Naturhistorischen Museum Basel)
Calosoma (Castrida) peruviense
Mandl, 1971
Perù, dept. Amazonas, Monteneyro (Montenegro) 600m, 2.2007

Calosoma (Castrida) peruviense
Mandl, 1971
Peru. Pisco, 18.2.1986 M. De Benedetto leg.
(coll E Migliaccio)
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