Calosoma (Ctenosta) guineense Imhoff, 1843

Calosoma guineense Imhoff, 1843: 165 (described from: Guinea, Aquapim); original type material and depository not stated
Calosoma guineense Breuning, 1927: 160
Calosoma Colmanti Burgeon, 1928: 431 (type locality: Région de Sassa), holotype ♂ in Musée Royal de l'Afrique Central, Tervuren)
Calosoma guineense var. colmanti Breuning, 1928b: 97
Calosoma (Callipara) guineensis Lapouge, 1932: 404
Ctenosta (Paractenosta) guineense Jeannel, 1940: 131

Length 22-26 mm. Both sexes have unmistakable characteristics that allow easily to distinguish them from the other species of the subgenus: tarsi with red gold hair on the underside, protibiae with apical ends dilated, and in the males with a series of indentations on the external side. These characteristics led Jeannel (1940) towards the creation of the subgenre Paractenosta. The species is easily recognizable even to a cursory examination for the elytral sculpture with intervals of the same width and heigth ("omodyname" sculpture), smooth and only slightly raised, and for the bronze-purple color of the upper body.
It is present in West Africa: Côte d'Ivoire, Togo, Nigeria, Congo.

Examined specimens and literature’s data
Central African Republic. Bangui, foret de Bimbo (EM, SB); Boukoko (TL)
Côte d'Ivoire. Dimbroko (Jeannel, 1940:131), Comoe (SB), Lamto (SB)
Democratic Republic of the Congo. Kolwezi (EM, SB), Medje (Breuning, 1927: 160), Kassai (Jeannel, 1940: 131); Kinshasa (Museum of Nature and Human Activities, Hyogo Pref., Japan,; Ituri: Bunia 1250m (, Kivu: Beni (SB); territoire de Sassa (type of C. Colmanti, MRCA)
Gabon. (seen on the market in Modena in 2015)
Ghana. Akuapim dist. (type of Calosoma guineense MNHN)
Nigeria. Ibadan (Breuning, 1927: 160)
Togo. (Breuning 1927: 160); Kouma Konda (SB)

Notes: Winged. Active individuals were found just before the beginnig of the raining season, in March and April, as well as after its ending, in October and November.

Calosoma (Ctenosta) guineense
Imhoff, 1843
Cote d'Ivoire: Comoe, IV.98
Calosoma (Ctenosta) guineense
Imhoff, 1843
Cote d'Ivoire: Lamto, 5°02'W 6°13'N, 15.III.86, Rasplus lgt.

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