Calosoma (Ctenosta) planicolle Chaudoir, 1869

Calosoma planicolle Chaudoir, 1869: 369 (description compatible with one specimen only, from: Zambéze); holotype ♀ designated by Deuve (1978: 250) by monotipy in Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris [examined]
Calosoma procerum Harold, 1881: 260 (described from: Ostafrika, as taken from the title of the publication) original material and depository not stated
Calosoma (Ctenosta) planicolle Breuning, 1927: 188
Ctenosta planicolle Jeannel, 1940: 130

Length 30-40 mm. The sculpture of the elytra in this species, as it happens in C. senegalense, is characterized by the tertiary intervals that are more elevated than the others (heterodynamic sculpture) and deeply incised. The primary and secondary ones instead consist of rough grains. However C. planicolle is aeasily distinguished by the glossy black color of the upper body with foveae of the primaries of the same color, and by the rounded tip of the metatrochanters in both sexes.
C. senegalense can be found in most sub-Saharan African countries from Niger to South Africa and in Madagascar.

Examined specimens and literature’s data
Angola. Benguela (NMP); Galinda (RMCA), Huila, Kipungo ( ), Luanda (Serrano & al., 2017: 205); Malanje: Cacuso (
Botswana. Ngamiland district, NE of Maun, Tamalakane lodge (; Serowe, Gaborone, Tutume, Francistown (
Central African Republic. Bangui, foret de Bimbo (EM, SB); Sassa (type of Colmanti, MRCA)
Republic of Congo (Brazzaville). Konkouati reserve (
Democratic Republic of Congo. Kasai, Lubudi (RMCA); Shaba, Lubumbashi (RMCA); Likasi (RMCA); Mutaka (RMCA); Conkouati (
Ethiopia. Hararge: Harar (RMCA), Erer (Rougemont, 1976: 248); Shewa, Awash nat.park (SB);.Sidamo: El Banno (= Tertale) (AVT); Moyale (Müller, 1939: 179), N W Neghelli (Rougemont, 1976: 249).
Kenya. Kakamega forest (SB); Nairobi (Jeannel 1940: 129), Coast Province: SW of Voi (SB); Tsavo, Mtitoanday; Sosoma, 202 km E of Thika (Häckel et al, 2016: 13); Tsavo National Park (, Meru National Park (
Madagascar. Madagascar (EM), Toliara distr. (
Malawi. Chisasira (=Chinteche) (RMCA); between Chelinda and Rumphi, 1700m. (Basilewsky, 1984: 628); Blantyre: Michiru (; Kgalagadi NP: Nossob (
Moçambique. Maputo: Boane (SB), Barragem de Corumane (SB); Cabo Delgado: Pemba (SB); Gorongosa (RMCA); Sofala: Caia (
Namibia. Khomas reg: Windhoek (; Kavango reg: Okavango river, Rundu, 1050m (Häckel et al, 2016: 13); Caprivi reg: Bagani-Popa Falls (Häckel et al, 2016: 13); Karas reg: 10Km S Warmfontein (SB); Etosha: Namutoni (, Mokuti Lodge (
Somalia. Lower Shebeli: Mogadishu (EM, SB); Afgoi (AVT, EM, SB); Abarei (AVT, SB)
South Africa. northern Transvaal (; KwaZulu-Natal: Durban, Berea (; Mpumalanga: Lower Sabie Campsite (, Kgalagadi NP: Nossob (; North West Province: Vryburg (; Limpopo: Modimolle, Waterberg, Kruger NP (Punda Maria Camp) (, Thabazimbi (SB)
Tanzania. Deutsch Östafrica (EM); Tuliani, Morogoro (SB); Kilimanjaro (Breuning, 1927: 189), Kilimatinde (Breuning, 1927: 189), Lukuleli (Jeannel 1940: 129), Lindi (Jeannel 1940: 129), Tura (Jeannel 1940: 129), Haidom (; Manyara: Hydom (; Morogoro: Mikumi National Park (
Togo. Badou (http://www.ebay/)
Zambia. Zambéze (type (?) MNHN); Kafue River (EM); Mweru (RMCA); Southern Prov., Victoria Falls (Häckel et al, 2016: 13), Siavonga, Lotri Bay (; Eastern prov. Chipata (http://www.ebay /); Lusaka, Lazy J Ranch (
Zimbabwe. Harare, Mutare, Gweru, Umvuma, Plumtree (O’Neil, 1920: 53); Midlands: Kwekwe (Häckel et al, 2016: 14), Hwange NP, Sebakwe (; Matabeleland: 60 km N of Bulawayo; Masvingo: 95 km NE Beitbridge (Häckel et al, 2016: 14), Chiredzi (, Gwanda (; Mashonaland. Mazoe (

Notes: Winged, attracted to light at night. The specimens examined were captured during the raining seasons that characterize the monsoon climate, in east Africa from May to August and in southern Africa from October to December.

Calosoma (Ctenosta) planicolle
Chaudoir, 1869
Zambéze (holotype)
(coll. Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris)
Calosoma (Ctenosta) planicolle
Chaudoir, 1869
Somalia: Lower Shebeli, Abarei, Lake Joware,
13-14.V.1988, Bruschi & Vigna
Calosoma (Ctenosta) planicolle
Chaudoir, 1869
Somalia: Lower Shebeli, Abarei, Lake Joware,
13-14.V.1988, Bruschi & Vigna

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