Calosoma (Ctenosta) scabrosum Chaudoir, 1843

Calosoma scabrosum Chaudoir, 1843: 745 (described from: Kordofan); lectotype ♂ (no locality label) designated by Deuve (1978: 250) in Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris [examined]
Calosoma kordofanum (Kollar) Chaudoir, 1852: 100 (nomen nudum)
Calosoma (Ctenosta) scabrosum Breuning, 1927: 185
Ctenosta scabrosum Jeannel, 1940: 128
Calosoma jakli Häckel e Al., 2005: 2 (type locality: Oman, Dhofar); holotype ♂ in coll. Häckel, Prague; synonymy later established by Häckel e Al., 2010: 12

Length 17-26 mm. C. roeschkei, C. orientale and C. scabrosum form a fairly homogeneous group of species characterized by elytral sculpture with deeply transversely incised intervals being of equal width and height ("homodynamic" type). C. scabrosum is distinguished by its black upper body color with only a faint bronze-green sheen and more elongated body shape. The elytra are narrowed at the apex, with sloping shoulders, and are widened in the posterior third. The pronotum is slightly angular with arched sides, abruptly narrower at the base, with deep basal dimples.
According to Jeannel (1940: 128), C. scabrosum from the central and eastern Sahara (Niger, Chad, Sudan), reaches as far east as the Red Sea (Djibouti, Somalia). It was later found in Nigeria and Ethiopia and was recently discovered in the southern Arabian Peninsula in Yemen (Häckel, 2012: 55) and Oman.

Examined specimens and literature’s data
Chad. distr. Kanem: N’Gouri (RMCA sub chlorostictum); Fort Lamy (= N'Djamena) (RMCA); Ennedi Central (ex coll. Battoni) (Vigna Taglianti & Bruschi, 1988: 243); Ennedi Ouest: Aloba mountain (Gillet, 1959: 518).
Djibouti. Obock (NMP, RMCA), Djibouti (Jeannel, 1940: 128), Ali Sabieh reg: Holhol (SB)
Ethiopia. Welo Prov. Yangudi Rassa National Park (PS); Addis Ababa (Breuning, 1928b: 96)
Yemen. NW Al Mukhalla (Häckel, 2012: 55)
Niger. Nguigmi (Jeannel, 1940: 128); Aïr, Azel (RMCA); Agades (Jeannel, 1940: 128); entre Arlit et Agadès (
Nigeria. Massif du Kapya (SB), Budan (AVT)
Oman. Dhofar prov: Jabal Sanhán (SB), Wadi Nashib (EM, SB), Salalah,Wadi Darbat (coll I. Zappi); Takwa env., Mughsayi, (Häckel et al, 2016: 14)
Somalia. Berbarah (BMNH; Vigna Taglianti & Bruschi, 1988: 243)
Sudan. Kordofan (type MNHN)(BMNH, RMCA); Southern Kordofan: Kadugli (SB); Red Sea Province: 175 km SE of Atbara (SB)

Notes: Winged. The specimens examined were captured in July-August up to October during the peak of the rainy season

Calosoma (Ctenosta) scabrosum
Chaudoir, 1843
Nigeria: Massif du Kapya, 5 aout 1949
Calosoma (Ctenosta) scabrosum
Chaudoir, 1843
Nigeria, Budan, 8.9.88, Rougemont leg. (coll. Vigna Taglianti)

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