Subgenus Callistenia Lapouge, 1929

Callistenia Lapouge, 1929: 2 (type moniliata LeConte, 1852; designated by Lapouge, 1931: 377)
Isostenia Lapouge, 1929: 2 (type wilkesi LeConte, 1852; designated by Lapouge, 1931: 379)

Breuning (1928b: 59) assembled together American and European species in the single subgenus Callisthenes, but Lapouge (1927: 2) later created two separate subgenera Callistenia and Isostenia, for the American species.
Jeannel (1940), maintained the subgenus Callistenia, of which considered a synonym Isostenia, as a part of the evolutionary line of Callisthenes. However, since two populations of the Balkans share the same characteristic of having the first segment of hind tarsi regularly rounded, and not compressed as in Callisthenes s. str., he placed together American and Balkan species in a same genus which, for reasons of priority, was named Microcallisthenes.
Gidaspow (1959), sharing in part the approach of Jeannel, maintained together American and European species inside Microcallisthenes, but considered Microcallisthenes as a subgenus of Callisthenes, in turn taken as a genus distinct from Calosoma.
This approach, mostly because of bio-geographical considerations, has not been accepted by the other subsequent authors (see, among others, Obidov, 2002). These authors, generally, separate the American species from the European ones, placing the first in the previous genus Callistenia and considering the Balkan species inside a distinct subgenus, as a part of the old world genus Callisthenes.
Therefore, we have preferred here to consider the European species inside the subgenus Callisthenes. Consequently, the American subgenus Callistenia remains distinct from Callisthenes because of the sculpture of metaepisterna.

Calosoma (Callistenia) discors LeConte, 1857
Calosoma (Callistenia) latipenne Horn, 1870
Calosoma (Callistenia) luxatum Say, 1823
Calosoma (Callistenia) moniliatum LeConte, 1852
Calosoma (Callistenia) subaeneum Chaudoir, 1869
Calosoma (Callistenia) subaeneum subaeneum Chaudoir, 1869
Calosoma (Callistenia) subaeneum dawsoni (Dajoz, 1997)
Calosoma (Callistenia) wilkesii LeConte, 1852

updated February 3 2021