Calosoma (Orinodromus) kenyense Breuning, 1928

Calosoma (Carabomorphus) brachycerum kenyense Breuning, 1928: 93 (type locality: Mt Elgon, 4000m); holotype ♀ in Naturalis Biodiversity Centre, Leiden (de Boer, 202: 63)
Carabomorphus (Carabomorphus) brachycerus kenyensis Lapouge, 1932: 396
Orinodromus (Elgonites) kenyensis Jeannel, 1940: 146

Length 15-20 mm. Two species (or perhaps two forms of the same species) are found on Mount Elgon: C. elgonense and C. kenyense. Both of them are characterized by well developed rear lobes of pronotum but missing the setae. For them Jeannel (1940) created the subgenus Elgonites.
C. kenyense differs from C. elgonense , because of the transverse pronotum, regularly rounded up to the base and, above all, because of the sculpture of elytra, characterized by 16 intervals on each of them; that means having a single tertiary interval on the sides of a secondary one ("triploïde" type). Also all the intervals have the same width and heigth ("omodyname" sculpture) and are distinctly separated by striae. Jeannel (1940:146), given that C. elgonense and C.kenyense have almost identical edeagi and might be cohabiting, has expressed doubts as to whether consider them distinct species or simple individual variations within the same species.
C. kenyense up to now has only been found in the alpine meadows of the eastern side of Mount Elgon.

Examined specimens
Kenya. mt. Elgon eastern slopes, 3000-3500 m (AMNH, AVT, MNHN, RMCA, NMB)

Notes: C. kenyense, as the other representatives of the subgenus Orinodromus, is wingless. As it happens with C. elgonense, C. kenyense is found in the alpine meadows of Mount Elgon around 3000m. However, unlike its congener that arrives up to 4200m, no specimens of C. kenyense have been found above 3500m. There are scarce data on its phenology: some specimens were found to be active in December, at the end of the wet season and one specimen was found already dead under dried dung in July.

Calosoma (Orinodromus) kenyense
Breuning, 1928
Elgon vers. Est 3100 (praire subalpine) 7.XII.1953 NN Leleup (IRSAC Mus. Congo)
(coll. American Museum of Natural History, New York)
Calosoma (Orinodromus) kenyense
Breuning, 1928
Kenya, mt. Elgon Eastern slopes, 3000-3500m.,
7.VII.1991, A. Vigna leg.(coll A. Vigna)

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