Calosoma (Orinodromus) leleupi Basilewsky, 1962

Orinodromus Leleupi Basilewsky, 1962: 66 (type locality: Ngorongoro), holotype ♂ in Musée Royal de l'Afrique Centrale, Tervuren [examined]

Basilewsky (1962:65) described as a good species: C. leleupi, from mount Ngoro Ngoro, 200 km west of Kilimanjaro, quite far from the crater of mount Hanang, and from mount Ufiomi, where C. neumanni, another very similar species, lives.
The two species are quite similar to each other in the external facies, and therefore with regard to the systematic position within the subgenus Orinodromus, the same considerations made with respect to C. neumanni are applicable.
The peculiarities that distinguish C. leleupi consist in the shape of its pronotum which is rounded, not narrowed behind, with non-protruding lobes, and, primarily, in the character of the penis ligula with the apex twisted on one side, asymmetrical.
Note that the two species occupy two mountain ranges west of Kilimanjaro, widely separated from each other by large tracts of arid savannah. It is possible that also in this case the fragmentation of the populations may be related to the Pleistocene cycles of cooling and drying of the African climate (Fattorini, 2007). These climatic cycles represented an important occasion for the widespread of flightless species and for their subsequent confinement and separate evolution on neighboring mountain systems.

Material examined:
Tanzania, Ngorongoro, praire subalpine, 1500-2500m, (RMCA, holotype & paratypes) (MNHN, NMB, paratypes)

Notes: Wingless. The capture of specimens of the typical series was performed in alpine meadow at 2600m altitude in the month of May.
The species is named after Narcisse Leleup (1912 – 2001) an entomologist who collected in Congo and in other African countries for the Tervuren Museum in the years 1940s & 1950s.

Calosoma (Orinodromus) neumanni leleupi
Ngorongoro, praire subalpine, 1500-2500m, 17-18.VI.1957, miss. Zool. IRSAC en Afrique Orientale (P.Basilewsky et N. Leleup)
(coll. Musée Royal de l'Afrique Central, Tervuren)
Calosoma (Orinodromus) neumanni leleupi
Basilewsky, 1962
Ngoro Ngoro 2600m, 17-18.VI.57, Leleup
(coll. Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris)

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